Post Life Span

Fusewall provide users a 3-day “after last post” lifespan. This means the more people interact and react with your posts (like, share, comment among others), the more the post stay active. When a post receives no interaction, it will expire and disappear from public view in three days. Users can still see posts after they might have expired.

Posts life cycle will include the following 5 stages:

    1. Stage 1 (first 12 hours of post): This is when the post is fully green. Every action on the post earns the post an extra hour in this stage. Posts in this stage are marked as
    2. Stage 2 (Next 12 hours of post): The post is now getting less green. An additional interaction in this stage buys the post an extra thirty minutes. A post in this stage must have gained 24 hours to move back into Stage 1.
    3. Stage 3 (The next 24 hours of post): Posts in this stage are in yellow zone. Any interaction with posts in this stage buys the post an extra fifteen minutes and such post will have to accumulate more than 48 hours to grow into Stage 2.
    4. Stage 4: (the next 12 hours of the post): Posts in this stage are in the amber region. An extra interaction with the post in this stage buys the post extra ten minutes. Posts in this stage will require additional sixty hours to grow into the prior stage.
    5. Stage 5 (the last 12 hours of a post): Posts in this stage are hanging by a thread. An additional interaction with the post in this stage earns such an extra five minutes. Posts in this stage will have to accumulate 72 hours of additional minutes before they can grow into prior stage.
Collist (Col-lection List)

A Collist is a user created playable list of memorable moments into predefined Collists. By collecting a post on Fusewall, a user adds the post to its Collist for future reference. When the user wants to access his Collist on a later day, Fusewall replays the moments collected (by shuffling them) through an embedded player that animates the posts as though they were slideshows. These posts can include videos, audio, pictures and texts.

Collections can be shared for public viewing where various users can view, comment, like, share and even collect.

Post Together

Post together is a feature that allows users to post an agreed message with other users. Unlike general cases where other users are tagged when posting a message, two users that have agreed to Post Together with other users will (after specifying and agreeing the message) generate one post on their respective walls for users to interact with. However, when the originator types the message, a prompt is sent to the other party or parties in the post together group to accept the message and its features. If all parties agree the message, the moment is published. If one or more users does not accept the message, the rejecting user will have the right to edit the message and send another prompt to all parties included in the message.

Parties to the Post Together may choose to opt out of the post before the moment is published. Once it is published, no user can opt out of the moment.